Hey, I’ve moved to nadude.com. Re-subscribe, won’t you?

I wanted to customize my domain name and have more freedom with the design and customization of themes, extra plugins, options and settings. I’ve moved my blog from nadude.wordpress.com to nadude.com.

Please go to nadude.com and re-subscribe to email alerts there – I couldn’t find a way to do it for you – sorry! If you are a wordpress.com follower, wordpress.org doesn’t allow you to follow blogs the same way, in order to get new posts you’ll have to subscribe to email alerts at the top right side of nadude.com.

My site is now being hosted at Namecheap.com, I compared all the best hosting providers: bluehost, dreamhost, godaddy, wpengine and hostgator but got excellent reviews and recommendations for namecheap – don’t be thrown off by its name. The cost is cheap, the quality is excellent – it has the best UX design, best prices, and pretty much the same disk space, number of sites and bandwidth, along with excellent customer service and it was less than $48 a year, and came with a free $25 Google Adwords voucher. Plus they provide the latest wordpress installation, by one click in the control panel.

If you’ve any questions on how to move your wordpress.com hosted blog to a private wordpress.org hosting package, how to apply the themes, the same customizations, activate the same dashboard with all the wordpress.com features, and how to quickly move your links, posts and media to the new blog within 5 minutes, just get in touch and I’ll walk you through it.


About Nadeem Bakhsh

UX, usability & product strategy consultant in Dubai. Specialize in web and mobile innovation, growth, engagement and conversion strategies and execution. I'm Kashmiri, Saudi, British and confused. I love working on 'social good', humanitarian, philanthropic and nonprofit projects, my goal is to make the world user friendly. Let’s cloud, crowd and collaborate.

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